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  • Your products have all been excellent for my needs. Thank you.
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  • Thank You! You support team is great, and I really appreciate your help.

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How to copy DVD5 to DVD5 with 1 CLICK DVD COPY 5?

Step1:Download 1 CLICK DVD COPY 5 and install 1 CLICK DVD COPY 5 on your PC.

Step2: Insert a DVD5 DVD disc to your DVD Driver. If you have more than one DVD Driver, insert a blank DVD5 disc to another driver.

Step3:Double click 1 CLICK DVD COPY 5 icon on the desktop to run it. Then you will see the interface of 1 CLICK DVD COPY 5 like following picture. If you are beginner, you can click "Start" now. 1 CLICK DVD COPY 5 will process as default setting. The default settings will allow you to copy a "Movie Only" DVD (no extras for the best video quality) with English language audio.

1 Click DVD Copy 5

You can modify these default settings in the Options dialog.

OPTIONS: Default options (language and copy settings).
?: User Guide.
--:Minimize the application.
X: Close the application.

Popup Menu:
Click the right mouse on the main application window.

Shortcut Keys:
F1: Opens the User Guide
F2: Opens the Registration Window
F8: Opens the log file in notepad

Step4: Set 1 CLICK DVD COPY 5 to meet your needs. Click"Options", the option window will appear like following picture. Select the original DVD5 disc in Source list. If you have more driver, choose the blank DVD5 disc from Destination list, otherwise, choose a folder on hard disc to save the temporary DVD files. Then click "Save" button.

Audio: Use this option to select one language as your preferred audio language.

Source: Use this option to select the DVD reader or hard drive folder that contains the movie files.

Destination: Use this option to select the DVD writer or hard drive folder that you will use to save the DVD movie.

Working Folder: Use this option to select a folder where the software can write temporary files while copying.This folder will need to be as large as 5 GB in most cases.; The standard Windows Application data folder will be selected by default.

1 CLICK DVD COPY 5 Settings

Step5:Click "Start" to active the copy process. If you have more than one diver, and you insert blank DVD5 disc to driver, 1 CLICK DVD COPY 5 will copy and DVD5 to DVD5 and burn automatically. If you just have one driver, you have to eject the DVD5 disc and insert the blank DVD5 disc to complete the burning.

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