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How to copy DVD with Subtitles?


1 Click DVD Copy 5

OPTIONS: Default options (language and copy settings).
?: User Guide.
--:Minimize the application.
X: Close the application.

Popup Menu:
Click the right mouse on the main application window.

Shortcut Keys:
F1: Opens the User Guide
F2: Opens the Registration Window
F8: Opens the log file in notepad


1 Click DVD Copy 5

  • Audio: Choose audio language in the list. If the language you've chosen is not available, it will copy using the default audio language on the DVD.

  • Source: Select the DVD reader or hard drive folder that contains the movie files.

  • Destination:select the DVD writer or hard drive folder that you will use to save the DVD movie.

  • Working Folder: Choose a folder which saves the temporary files that copying needs. It is as large as 5 GB in most cases.

Enable the "Include Subtitles" to contain the subtitle to your DVD movie. Then click "Save" to save the settings. Other options:

  • Extras or Episodes: Include extras or copy a episodic DVD
  • All Languages: Include all available audio languages on your copy
  • Movie Menus: Include menu on DVD movie only copy
  • DTS Audio: Copy a DTS audio
  • Dual Layer: Copy and burn double layer DVD

Step3: Click "Start" to copy DVD with subtitle.

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