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  • Thank you so much for creating such powerful and effective software.
  • I am very pleased with your DVD Copy software, Too easy. Great product, well done!!

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How to Copy DVD/ISO image/DVD Folder to DVD/ISO image/DVD Folder for Windows/Mac

When you have bunches of DVD movies, it is really hard to take care of them. The disc is really easy to break. So make a copy of your DVD movies to another DVD disc or ISO image or DVD Folder.


When you have bunches of DVD movies, your friends must come and borrow your movies to watch. How to protect your movie disc from being broken? Borrow them a copy?


When your family have a party and it is really sweet, everyone wants to have a copy of the party's video. But they make only one DVD of it. How to make everyone has the record of the happy time? Copy the DVD.


These problems are easy to solve now, if you have this powerful DVD Copy Software. It can help you to make copys of your DVD. If you want to backup your DVD movies, you can choose to copy the full disc or the main movie. It can also copy a DVD to ISO image and DVD Folder on your computer. Also it can copy your ISO image or DVD Folder to a DVD disc to play in DVD player.

Here is a simple guide for you to follow:

For Windows users:

Copy DVD

Step 1. Choose Source:

The source of this DVD copy software can be:
1: DVD disc
2: ISO image
3: DVD Folder
Tip 1: The specific information of the DVD disc will be shown on the top-left of the interface.

Step 2. Preparation

Before you click the “Start” button,
1. You can choose to copy the full disc or the main movie.
2. You can choose the audio, subtitle of the copy.
3. You can change the name of the volume.
4. You can choose to “include menu” or “skip menu” or neither of them.

Step 3. Choose Target:

You can save your DVD movie as:
1: DVD disc
2: DVD Folder
3: ISO Image File

Copy DVD process

Click “Start” button to start the copy.

Tip 2:
You can change the “Preference”, when you click “Edit” button.


For Mac users:

This DVD Copy for Mac software is the best DVD copy for Mac users.
Let's begin to copy DVDs:

Step 1: Download and install DVD Copy for Mac

Copy DVD Mac

Step 2: Load Your Source

This excellent DVD copy for Mac allows you to load DVD folder and DVD image ISO.

Step 3: Choose Output Info

1. “Full Disc” or “Main Movie”
This DVD copy for Mac enables you to copy the full disc and also the main movie according to your need.

2. “Audio”, “Subtitle” and “Volume” name
You can choose your output audio from the “Audio” drop-down list, such as “all audio”/ “None”/ or some audio the DVD provide.
Subtitle is always an important thing, you can choose your output subtitle in “Subtitle” drop-down list.
You can also name your output volume's name

Step 4: Choose Your Target
You can copy your DVD to another DVD disc, DVD folder or DVD image ISO.

1. You can also choose to copy the menus or not.
2. All the info you choose will be displayed on the “Info Box”.

Sounds Good?

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